Codensed Matter Theory and Statistical Physics Group

Welcome to the web page of Condensed Matter Theory and Statistical Physics Group. In this site, we introduce you our research topics and activities.

Research topics in our group cover various phenomena observed in nonequilibrium systems, complex systems or disordered systems. We investigate them by theories based on statistical mechanics and computer simulations. Fukuda’s main interest lies in soft condensed matter, especially liquid crystals, and Matsui studies glass transition and supercooled liquids.


The Journal of Chemical Physicsに以下の論文が出版されました。

Ryohei Hara, Ken-ichi Amano, Masahiro Kinoshita, and Akira Yoshimori
Dynamics of the entropic insertion of a large sphere into a cylindrical vessel
J. Chem. Phys. 144, 105103 (2016)

原さんの論文が、No.3 2016 Vol.71日本物理学会誌に掲載されました。

タイトル「生体分子の運動における溶媒粒子の非平衡効果」 原論文:Theoretical Method of Calculating Solvent Nonequilibrium Effect on Solute Movement